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Bilateral filter - an effect plug-in for Paint.NET

Bilateral filter is an image improving technique which is capable of edge preserving blur. It can be effective in removing noise and image artifacts while saving details. Also it may provide good looking artistic effects.

More details on the filter and it's parameters can be found here.


  1. Since there's more then 1 DLL you may download .MSI package, define Paint.NET installation folder and let it do all the stuff for you
  2. You may manually copie required files. Download this archive, extract it's contents to the Paint.NET installation folder - root of the archive goes to the root of Paint.NET, Effects folder contents - to the Effects under Paint.NET.

Paint.NET can be downloaded here.

After the effect DLLs are in place you'll be able to access it under Effects -> Blurs -> Bilateral:


Information on the filter

Please navigate the following link in order to find details on filter parameters and sample outputs.

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